#128K- Taylor Glue Pump

Simple and Effective Method to Pump Glue from a Tote or Drum to your Applicator

The Taylor PVA Glue Pump transfers glue directly from a 55 gallon drum on the floor to the Taylor Conveyorized Glue Applicator or the Taylor Plate Spreader. It can be used with all polyvinyl and aliphatic adhesives.

Equipped with an electronic sensing circuit, the pump turns on and off automatically to maintain the optimum glue level in the glue pan. The PVA Pump incorporates a unique hollow piston design and a force limiting system, ensuring reliable performance even when using cold or thick glues.


120 V(AC)
2 Amps

Metering Switch:
Conductive through “level probe” and glue.

Pumping Capacity:
6 Gallons Per Hour (standard speed – High Speed available)

Works with:
PVA Glue

2″ Copper Cylinder Tube (2.041″ ID — 2.125″ OD)
34″ Standard Height from top of bung hole to bottom of Cylinder (custom height available)